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Thanksgiving side dish: Beet salad three ways

My mother has always said that the Canadians have it right: Thanksgiving should be in October.  The harvest is so much more bountiful a month earlier than American Thanksgiving.  However, there are some great vegetables that are in season this time of year.  In our area, that includes many varieties of winter squash, carrots, kale, chard, and beets.

While beets haven’t featured often in our Thanksgiving line up of side dishes, there’s no good reason for that.  Except perhaps that we have them with dinner regularly. If you do too, consider preparing them a different way for Thanksgiving (check out the three options below).  If you don’t make beets, give them a try.  My husband swore he hated them until about 3 years ago, when a good preparation won him over.  I’m still working on our son, but he will eventually join us on the bright side, too.


I love beets for their distinctive taste, nutritional value, and flexible preparation.  Allow me to elaborate. Continue reading Thanksgiving side dish: Beet salad three ways

Stone soup. Not really, it’s Minestrone.

I had in my mind that I didn’t like minestrone. I probably got that idea from the numerous cans of it I’ve eaten over the years, with their suspicious cubed carrots and potatoes. All the chunks have the same texture, except the beans, which are mealy. And the taste of tin pervades each bite. Restaurant soup, with few exceptions, isn’t much better. It tastes like nothing more than tomato, holds no surprises, and is still a bit tinny. So I was convinced minestrone itself was deeply flawed.


Folks, I was wrong. (See, honey, I can admit it.) Continue reading Stone soup. Not really, it’s Minestrone.

All snug in their beds: Planting broccoli and cabbage starts


After ripping out the miracle tomatoes on Saturday, I had 12 feet or so of prime real estate in the instead-of-grass garden in the front yard.  While planning my fall garden, I had consulted The Weekend Homesteader and Mini Farming which both advised to alternate tomatoes with plants from the Brassica family (e.g., broccoli, cabbage) to promote optimal soil health.  So yesterday I bought Savoy cabbage, green cabbage and broccoli starts from my local food co-op and got to work this morning to put them in the ground.  (That turn-around must be a record for me.  Typically, I leave seedlings on the back patio where they shame me from the breakfast table for at least a week.  I finally get so concerned they won’t survive either the temperature or the neglect, that I drop everything – usually after a dramatic announcement – and plant them, that is, if they haven’t died already.) Continue reading All snug in their beds: Planting broccoli and cabbage starts