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DIY bean bag chair: Meet the Rollie Pollie


Remember how I mentioned I’ve been on a DIY kick lately, brought on by my illness-induced antsy-ness and disinterest in food?  Well, one night recently it drove me to the internet, where I got stuck for hours on a single website.  (I fell way down that rabbit hole!)  I bookmarked tons of projects, but the one that compelled me to actually make something right away, was a pattern for a bean bag chair.  (Do you ever find that while the internet is a great resource, you often have time to either do a project or read about one, but not both?  I hate that.  I wish we could buy an iTunes gift card for our own time.)

It's a great spot to read
It’s a great spot to read

Anyway, the pattern was designed by a sewing blogger.  You can find it here.  She calls it a Rollie Pollie, and it’s marvelous.  It does cost $8, which gave me pause.  I have grown accustomed to getting things for free on the internet, but I eventually realized that I wouldn’t bat an eye at a corporation charging for a pattern, and I was actually much happier to support an entrepreneur instead.  So I ponied up the money and am so glad I did.

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