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$200/month grocery challenge – Part III

This is the third installment of a 5-part series.  Missed the first two parts?  Go here and here

My family and I recently completed a 4-week long experiment in which we aimed to drastically reduce our spending on groceries and continue to eat well, perhaps even better than before.  If you’re curious, here are our weekly meal plans for the month.

Seasonal produce: A dilemma
Did we make it?  Yes and no.  Yesterday I explained the way in which we succeeded.   Today I’ll expand on how and why we didn’t.

Abundance brought on our failure.
Abundance fueled our failure

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Pickled peppers


Last week a friend swung by to pick me up for a moms’ night out and brought with her a bag of chile peppers – jalapeno and Serrano to be precise.  “Someone gave these to me, and I figured you could do something with them, right?” she offered, ominously.  I don’t eat anything spicier than mild Taco Bell sauce, but who am I to refuse free food, if that’s what you call this stuff. Continue reading Pickled peppers