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Thanksgiving dinner turkey pot pie

My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is leftovers.  In fact, for several years when my family had gone as guests to someone else’s house for the holiday, my sister and I would make a second Thanksgiving dinner on Friday.  It worked out well because our neighbors worked on Thanksgiving.  With a bonus round on Friday, they got to celebrate the holiday, and we got to have their company and all the leftovers we wanted (with the food exactly as we like it: traditional herb stuffing, gallons of gravy, multiple pies…oh, and turkey, too).

I love a good turkey sandwich with stuffing, gravy, cranberry, and mayo all crammed in some good bread.  But I can only eat so many of those.  For dinner on the Friday or Saturday following Thanksgiving, it’s got to be turkey pot pie, using as many different leftovers as I can without turning it into a meat trifle (remember that episode of Friends?). Continue reading Thanksgiving dinner turkey pot pie

Thanksgiving day wishes

On this holiday, let us give thanks for all the blessing in our life.  Let us reflect on that for which we are most grateful, especially the people and gifts we most take for granted.

If you are moved to say grace or a blessing at the table tonight but don’t have one in mind, consider the (mostly secular) prayers that spoke to me, which I’ve compiled below.

Whatever your traditions are, I wish you health and happiness for you and yours.  Happy Thanksgiving! Continue reading Thanksgiving day wishes

From thankful to thoughtful: Conscious consumption on Black Friday

As November marches on, we get ever closer to the holiday frenzy that peaks December 24th, when the stores finally throw customers out to go spend some time with the precious family members for whom they’ve been shopping like mad.  It seems that the “Christmas season” starts earlier and earlier each year in retail-land.  And Thanksgiving seems to be the only pause in the action.  If we’re fortunate, for one precious day we get to spend time with our loved ones, enjoying a meal and giving thanks for all we have.

While you rest for a moment in that space of love and gratitude, I urge you to extend your thoughtfulness to the holiday shopping you may have planned later this week.  Retail giants are clamoring to attract every last dollar they can.  They use door busters, coupons and extended hours to lure us in.  And it works.  We’ve all seen the footage of parents gone wild trying to be the first one to get their hands on the flavor-of-the-year toy, fellow humans be damned.  It’s funny, but it’s also sad.  Less than 24 hours after giving thanks for all that we have, we are fighting over stuff with the intensity refugees might bring to a food drop.  Really?  Are we that desperate? Continue reading From thankful to thoughtful: Conscious consumption on Black Friday

Make-ahead breakfast: Pumpkin pie baked oatmeal


We eat a lot of oatmeal around here.  Rolled and steel-cut.  Simmered and microwaved.  Baked in muffin tins and in slabs.  So when I came across a recipe for pumpkin oatmeal, you knew I had to try it.  (It is pumpkin season here at Economist at Home, after all!)  The prep for this version is quick and easy, but it requires a long lead time – 24 hours to soak the oats before cooking and 40 minutes to bake before serving.

So, pick a day you could realistically pop this in the oven 40 minutes before breakfast and not have your whole day thrown off (a weekend perhaps?).  Working backwards, set aside 5 minutes two nights prior to your baking day to soak the oats and another 10 minutes the next night to mix in the other ingredients. Continue reading Make-ahead breakfast: Pumpkin pie baked oatmeal