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Green eggs, no ham: A post-holiday restorative breakfast


After a major food-focused holiday sometimes I like to eat a bit lighter for a spell, trying to focus on the veggies and lean proteins that may have been conspicuously absent from my carb and gravy laden plate.  Eggs nestled in sautéed greens is one such recipe.  Perfect for restoring order to your body while still fueling you through the morning.

And I don’t know about you, but I feel mighty accomplished if I’ve eaten dark leafy greens before noon.  It leaves me with one less thing to worry about over the course of the day.  Like exercising first thing in the morning.  You get to feel healthy and righteous all day long, never worrying you might not get around to it later.   But this is easier and yummier than working out. Continue reading Green eggs, no ham: A post-holiday restorative breakfast

Crustless quiche


Quiche is one of my go-to recipes for an easy dish that works for breakfast, lunch or dinner (aka, a BLD).  It’s nutritious and tasty, while being affordable and quick.  Quiche is also very versatile.  Eggs and milk are the foundation, and you can add to them any combination of savory ingredients you like: cheddar and onion, broccoli and prosciutto, mushrooms and goat cheese…  You get the idea.  For all those reasons quiche is a winner in my book. Continue reading Crustless quiche