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DIY bulletin board

I’m back!  I’ve had a cold for four weeks now (remember the one that took me down and required homemade soup?).  Two and a half weeks in I got stomach flu, too.  Needless to say, I wasn’t up for much blogging.  Nor cooking.  My sense of taste and smell have been seriously diminished.  So even after I regained the ability to eat normally again, I haven’t had much interest in cooking or eating.  (Gasp!)

However, I have a new (old) love.  A lovely morning spent perusing a DIY magazine generated a spark that lit a crafty fire.  I have been on a roll, my friends.  I’ve got numerous projects to tell you about, but I’ll start with a brilliant DIY bulletin board.  It’s quick, easy, inexpensive and really beautiful.  It requires no special skills or tools to assemble (although it does require a power drill to mount), and it is completely customizable to your taste.

DIY bulletin board (before pinning papers up)

I’ve been wanting a giant bulletin board for my office for a long time.  You see, I’m a visual person.  Out of site, out of mind.  So if I can’t see my notes, bills, project materials, inspirational and educational what-nots, I tend to forget about them.  No bueno.  To avoid that, I keep all those papers spread around my desk. Also no bueno.  A huge board is a perfect way to convert empty wall space into an organizational system that works for me.

Initially I thought I wanted to make a cork board.  But the raw materials cost a fortune.  And I worried about hanging such a heavy board given that our walls don’t take kindly to screws.  A quick internet search yielded an ideal solution. Continue reading DIY bulletin board