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From thankful to thoughtful: Conscious consumption on Black Friday

As November marches on, we get ever closer to the holiday frenzy that peaks December 24th, when the stores finally throw customers out to go spend some time with the precious family members for whom they’ve been shopping like mad.  It seems that the “Christmas season” starts earlier and earlier each year in retail-land.  And Thanksgiving seems to be the only pause in the action.  If we’re fortunate, for one precious day we get to spend time with our loved ones, enjoying a meal and giving thanks for all we have.

While you rest for a moment in that space of love and gratitude, I urge you to extend your thoughtfulness to the holiday shopping you may have planned later this week.  Retail giants are clamoring to attract every last dollar they can.  They use door busters, coupons and extended hours to lure us in.  And it works.  We’ve all seen the footage of parents gone wild trying to be the first one to get their hands on the flavor-of-the-year toy, fellow humans be damned.  It’s funny, but it’s also sad.  Less than 24 hours after giving thanks for all that we have, we are fighting over stuff with the intensity refugees might bring to a food drop.  Really?  Are we that desperate? Continue reading From thankful to thoughtful: Conscious consumption on Black Friday