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1 chicken, 4 ways

Eating well without breaking the bank or cooking every minute of the day requires strategies to economize on time and money.  One way I like to do that is to start with one dish and transform it into another (and another and another).  With a turkey or ham, that’s not too hard because there is usually lots of leftover meat.  But even a simple roasted chicken can be given new life several times over.  My most ambitious feat yet has been to cook one chicken, four ways.  Check it out: slow-cooker roasted chicken becomes chicken pot pie, fried rice and chicken broth.  Three out of these four recipes I have shared already on the blog, but now I’m putting it altogether for you to show you how to save time, and throwing in a simple description of how I make fried rice.

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Mashed-potato topped chicken pot pie

Have you got any leftover chicken?  Maybe you roasted a whole bird in your slow cooker or bought a rotisserie chicken at the store? Pot pie is a great way to use up any meat that remains after a big chicken dinner.  If you really deepen the flavors in the sauce and replace that bland (and non-nutritious) pastry on top with delicious mashed potatoes, you can’t lose.


I love to make a version of this after Thanksgiving, incorporating leftover turkey, gravy, peas and mashed potatoes.  But even without all the leftovers from the holiday, this still comes together in about an hour.  Probably not a great option for a busy weeknight, but perfect for a Saturday or Sunday dinner.  In fact, you can even cook the filling and topping separately in advance, and bring it all together just before dinner.

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