About me

New here?  Me, too.  Let’s get to know each other.  I’ll go first.

I’m Sarah.  And this is my blog.

What’s this blog about anyway?

The posts here will cover topics such as cooking, gardening, parenting, and generally taking care of one’s self and one’s home front in economical, efficient, environmentally-friendly and/or fun ways.

What’s up with the name?

I’ve trained and worked for years in the field of economics.  It informs how I see the world, even the microcosm that is my home.  And I have rarely encountered a problem that couldn’t be improved in some way by a spreadsheet.  Some of my favorite techniques are SWOT analysis, cost-benefit analysis, matrix analysis for comparing items along several dimensions, and good old spreadsheets with embedded formulae to develop projections, economic models, estimates or cost comparisons.  I apply the same methods I have used in the professional world to make decisions on the domestic front.  Cloth diapers or disposable?  How much can we afford to spend on food?  Is growing my own vegetables really cheaper than buying them?  Is that project worth my time?  I’ll share some of these discussions here on my blog.  For those of you that like that sort of nerdy thing, I’m happy to meet you, kindred spirit.  For the rest, feel free to skip over the calculations and jump to my conclusion.

Also, it’s a play words, an adaptation of the term “home economist”.  But you knew that.

Me, as a cook

I am a professional woman, wife and mother.  On the home front I tend a garden, use cloth diapers for my son, manage our household, and cook.  A lot.  We eat 17 or 18 homemade meals a week.  But let me be clear.  I don’t cook because I love to cook.  I cook because I love to eat.  So I have developed methods to make healthy and economical food so I can eat well on any given day, whether I have the time to cook or not.  And truth be told, most days I don’t.

Over the years I have gathered recipes and strategies to shop for, cook and store homemade meals.  I did this as a single professional (with less time but more money to spend), as a married student (with neither time nor money in plentiful supply), and now as a mother and wife with different restrictions on my time and budget.  Each night of my week is different, so I find it helps to draw of a wide range of strategies.  The key is to plan ahead as best I can so I know which strategy to employ on a given day.   In this blog I’ll tell you how I approach that, and you can adapt it for your own circumstances.

Me, as a mother

Still figuring this one out…

Me, as a household manager

I intend to use this blog to share ideas and strategies for managing household finances and responsibilities.  Economists are all about efficiency, and domestic production is no different.  I also love a good system.  On this blog I will write about how to manage the home front so you can get on with more interesting activities.  (Disclosure: Some of my suggestions will come from what I’ve read, not what I do.  I’ve spent a lot of time reading about systems, even ones that do not particularly work for me.  But you might like them.  And sharing is caring.)

Me, as a product pusher

Although the spirit of this blog is more the homemade, do-it-yourself, sustainability variety, the reality is that such an approach does require good tools.  Throughout, I will make recommendations for and provide links to books, kitchen tools, and other household/personal goods that adhere to the spirit of my blog.  I will try not to be obnoxious about it.  Do know that if you choose to click through and eventually purchase such an item, I will receive a small portion of the sale price which will help support the work I do on this site. I thank you in advance for your support.  Your readership, comments and purchases are very much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Love what you are creating here ! Happy to hear you are using cloth diapers – better all the way around. Can’t stand the idea of babies in chemical padding much less the reality. I’d like to make a statement about cooking: I DO cook because I love to cook! For me, it is art work and creative endeavor. Some days it just plain old makes me feel better! Wish I could share a photo for today I harvested the very last of my tomatoes and peppers which will soon become a lovely spice chuntney just in time for the holiday turkey! Fall arugula is ready and the beets are happily growing! Carry on!

    1. Hi Susan. Thanks so much for the kind words!

      Some days I love to cook, too. But mostly I love to eat my cooking. Or my mom’s. If I could eat her cooking 6 nights a week, and cook for myself just one, I probably would. I’m in it for the food. My taste buds are in charge around here.

      Email me the photo! sarah {at} economistathome {dot} com. I’d love to see what you harvested. I picked two more zucchini today. I can’t believe it. The plant just won’t quit. It’s 14 feet across and will probably be scaring away trick or treaters tomorrow. 😉 It’s a monster!

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