It’s Friday! Fancy a little shopping?

Here are a few deals I found on Amazon that I thought you might like.  There are also some links to free stuff at the bottom.

As always, these are affiliated links.  If you purchase through them, Amazon will divert a small percentage to me.  Thanks for supporting this blog, and happy Friday! 

The latest Bridget Jones book!  I haven’t read it yet, but am looking forward to it.  I loved this series, way back when.  Right now the hardcover is $15.16.

The price on Lean In just dropped 3 bucks from last week. The hardcover is now $10.73. I think I’ll buy a copy. I borrowed my library’s eBook, but I would like to own it as a reference. She started a pretty interesting website, by the way:

It seems the Paleo diet is the latest craze, and while I don’t intend to jump on the bandwagon, there are some great Paleo recipes out there that are worth a try.  I recently skimmed a preview of Well Fed 2, and I am VERY impressed.  I will definitely be trying the Old School Italian Meat Sauce,  Tod Mun (Vietnamese) Chicken Cakes, Balsamic Grilled Butternut Squash, and Belly Dance Beet Salad.  This lady creates some seriously yummy sounding (and healthy) recipes for Paleos and non-Paleos alike.  Paperback is $16.73.

Our son was given this basketball hoop for Christmas last year (chosen by me) and it has been great. We move it back and forth between the garage and the house. (We haven’t bothered to fill the base with water or sand yet so it’s easy to move.) You can raise the net as they grow, and the base ensures that the ball bounces/rolls straight back to prime shooting position. Not gonna lie, we’ve also had some pretty fun rounds of free-throw shooting among adults, too.  32% off at $24.97.

This is more a tip than a notification of a sale. I totally felt weird about buying off-brand vacuum bags for our Miele. But those things are so dang expensive so I decided to give the counterfeits generics a try. They are fine. Not primo, but good enough, and significantly cheaper.  ($27.28 for 8 instead of $37.90)  This is the type of thing I hate spending money on.  There’s no joy.  But I guess vacuum bags are part of adulthood, right?

Have some holiday travel coming up and need a way to get your kid’s ginomorous car seat through the airport? We’ve had great success with this travel cart. It’s $63.99. Not cheap, but it really keeps me sane in the airport.  My son loves to ride strapped into his car seat while it’s mounted on this thing.  Super convenient.  And when he’s walking we use it to haul our carry-ons.

Free eBooks!!!
Did you know Amazon always has some of it’s eBooks marked down to $0.00?  Here are five I previewed that look worth a peek.  Prices change quickly, so snag it right away if you’re interested (you can always delete it later if you don’t like it).

Korean Cuisines for the Busy Home Cook – This has some of my all-time favorite Korean dishes in it, and not too many specialty ingredients.  Right now it’s FREE.

101 Substitutions for Ingredients – A handy reference.  Right now it’s FREE.

Kids Lunch Box: Homemade, Healthy and Fun Lunchtime Recipes Kids Will Love! – Always nice to have some fresh ideas.  This has recipes and meal ideas for combining them.  Right now it’s FREE.

Yummy Indian SuperMeals for Kids: Mini-Taster Edition! – This is a free sample of a cookbook available for sale.  There are 6 or so recipes suitable for different ages.  This seems like a great resource for parents trying to raise little omnivores.   Right now it’s FREE.

ABC Animals – A Beautiful Rhyming Alphabet Book – Cute.  Always nice to have some kids’ books loaded on the iPad, especially for travel.  Right now it’s FREE.

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