Meal plan for $200 a month experiment

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We recently complete a month-long experiment to rely on food we had in the freezer, pantry and garden, along with just $200.  To cut down on cost, I had to spend a little extra time making some things from scratch (e.g., bread) and planning ahead.  Each week I wrote out a meal plan, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For each week of the challenge I kept a note of the planned menu and changes we made on the fly (which I’ve indicated by crossing out the original planned item and writing in a new one).  I’ve also noted when we ate out, which was usually planned.

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Below I’ve shared with you each of our weekly meal plans.  A number of the meals we ate included items for which I have posted a recipe, so you’ll note the pictures and links at the bottom of each meal plan.

What do you think?  Not bad for $200, eh?  Yes, we ate a lot of zucchini.  Our single plant has produced 60 pounds this year!  Still, we kind of had the sense that we actually ate better this month than usual because of all the planning (and yummy baked goods).

Week of 9/8/13-9/14/13

meal plan wk9.8
slow cooker yogurt

Week of 9/15/13-9/21/13

meal plan wk9.15

DSC_0364                      DSC_0312                         Zucchini muffins
zucchini soup (two ways)                 roasted tomato sauce                                zucchini muffins

Week of 9/22-9/28

meal plan wk9.22

DSC_0407                        DSC_0421                       DSC_0498

zucchini & rice cakes                              green tomato curry                                 nectarine sauce

DSC_0425                        DSC_0511

summer vegetable stew                         slow cooker yogurt

Week of 9/29-10/5

meal plan wk9.29

DSC_0519                        Zucchini muffins                      DSC_0534

zucchini quinoa cakes                               zucchini muffins                               Asian style zucchini

DSC_0421                         DSC_0683

green tomato curry                                   slow cooker yogurt





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