Lazy weekend breakfast for autumn: Pumpkin pancakes

Are you ready for the onslaught of pumpkin recipes??? Now that zucchini season is winding down my thoughts turn to pumpkins, squash and apples. I haven’t made it out to the orchards for apple picking just yet, so pumpkin it is!


I found some beautiful heirloom varieties at the farmer’s market, which I’ll use to make a simple dessert (perhaps a custard?) in which the pumpkin really sings. And, my grocery store ran a sale on organic canned pumpkin last week so I stocked up to use in recipes where the taste of pumpkin (and possibly tin) is more muted. Think muffins, bread, and pancakes.

The first in that series is pumpkin pancakes. I used traditional pumpkin pie spices and a whole can of pumpkin (because how annoying are recipes that leave you with one third of a can of something random like pumpkin?!?). You could, however, modify this recipe to include less pumpkin if you have some leftover after making another recipe that calls for just a fraction of a can. Problem solved.

The antioxidants in the pumpkin, fiber from the whole wheat flour and healing properties of cinnamon make this a healthy morning treat. To boost the protein (slightly) and reduce the sugar (a lot), I served these with homemade yogurt sauce. Made with plain yogurt and just a bit of maple syrup and lime, you can really drown your pancakes without regret.


Time: 20 minutes hands-on, plus additional 20 minutes to cook (hopefully while eating the first round)
Yield: ~6 servings

1 can pumpkin puree (or 1 ½ c homemade), or less
2 eggs
2T oil (I used coconut, but canola works)
2 ¼ c milk

2c whole wheat flour
1T baking powder
1 1/4t salt
3T sugar, brown or white (or more to taste)
1t ground cinnamon
¼ t ground ginger
¼ t ground cloves
¼ t ground nutmeg (freshly ground if possible)
Oil for cooking


1. Beat eggs in the bottom of a large bowl. Add in pumpkin, oil and milk. Whisk to combine until smooth. (You may need to break up a few chunks of pumpkin.)

2. Sift dry ingredients into a smaller bowl and whisk.

3. Pour dry ingredients into wet and stir until combined.


4. Cook on a hot skillet or pan as you would regular pancakes.* The pancakes are a bit delicate, so don’t make them too large and flip carefully.


5. Enjoy with maple syrup, or try yogurt sauce or fruit sauce for fresh tasting and low-sugar alternatives.

Freezing: I never would have thought to freeze pancakes until I saw a friend do it. Initially I thought I would only feed them to my toddler, knowing he wouldn’t care about the decline in quality relative to fresh-off-the-griddle cakes. However, one morning I didn’t feel like making myself something different, so I just heated up extra for me and I gotta say they are pretty good. Not as tender as fresh, but totally acceptable for a hot weekday breakfast. It sure beats cold cereal in my book.


To freeze I simply cool these to room temperature on a cooling rack, place in a freezer bag and pop in the freezer, laying them flat. (You could refrigerate first, but I don’t bother.) To reheat, toast in the toaster oven (or even a traditional toaster I suppose, although I haven’t tried it). Serve as you would fresh.


*I like these two tools for making pancakes: a griddle pan (which is currently 44% off) and a Misto oil sprayer. I use the griddle pan for pancakes, French toast, grilled cheese, and more. I have two Misto oil sprayers, one for olive oil and another for canola. They are great for greasing a muffin tin or adding a light and even coat of oil to a pan when just a little will do. They are a great eco-friendly alternative to those commercial spray cans that are filled with garbage. Griddle pans and Misto oil sprayers are sold all over the place, including Amazon.


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links. If you purchase through these links I will receive a very small commission which helps to support this blog. (Thanks!) That said, the recommendations are mine alone. I really do use and love these tools.

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